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Our credit card guides give you the information the need to apply for, and better manage, UK credit cards.

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Credit cards have been an integral part of UK personal finance for over 50 years. Most adults will have, or at some point will have had, a credit card. Indeed, for many people, card ownership marks something of a 'coming of age'. Read our guide to help you understand the ins and outs of these ever-popular products.

Despite the diversity of choice in the UK credit card market, year on year one credit card category remains far and away the most popular; the balance transfer credit card. Read our guide to understand how balance transfers work and just what makes them so popular.

‘Section 75’ refers to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This part of the legislation details the additional consumer protection afforded to individuals making certain types of payments using credit. This protection makes the supplier of the credit (e.g. the Credit Card issuer) associated with an individual item ‘jointly and severally liable’

Being rejected for a credit card is not uncommon. Whether applying for a prime credit card or a credit card designed for people who have had past difficulties with credit, every issuer and every product will have specific criteria that individuals must meet to be accepted. Uncover the most common reasons for credit card applications being rejected, and get yourself on the road to approval with our guide to credit card rejection.
Risk Based Pricing is loved and loathed in equal measure, depending on view point. For some it enables credit card issuers to offer the best possible terms to good customers, others see it as punitive to customers not able to access the best rates. Read our guide and decide what you think.
Anyone who has applied for credit cards, loans or car finance over the past few years will probably have come across the term 'Representative APR', but how many of us actually understand what it means, and what is different about this particular APR calculation?
Every time we apply for a credit card (or other credit based product) companies run checks on us to inform their decisions regarding whether we should be offered credit. One key element used as part of this decision making process is an individual's credit score, but what are credit scores, how are they created and and how do they help suppliers of credit choose who can get their products?
Credit cards have always been evolving, as card issuers and retailers use advances in technology to make products easier and more secure. One such recent development has been the introduction of contactless technology to an increasing number of cards. Read our guide to understand how contactless works, what are the benefits and whether it is as secure as we would expect.
As online sales increase year on year and contactless technology makes physical purchases quicker and easier; the way UK consumers transact has changed. Fewer people are carrying cash as many switch to electronic payments - indeed the British Retail Consortium (BRC) reported a 10% drop in cash based transactions for 2013.
Despite ever improving credit card security, criminals continue to find new ways to attempt to defraud issuers and customers alike. Read our guide to ensure you can understand and reduce your credit card security risks.
Charge cards predate credit cards by around 50 years and, despite limitations when compared with other payment card types, they remain very popular. Read our guide to discover what features and benefit Charge cards offer and whether they are suitable for you.

Every year thousands of people in the UK have their applications for credit declined. Whether applying for a credit card, loan, or mortgage, the most common reason for this rejection is a poor credit score. So how do you build and maintain a good credit score?

Stoozing can be a useful way to exploit the different interest rates available to consumers for borrowing and saving. Read our guide to learn how you can stooze, and what to watch for.

In stores up and down the UK, you can now pay using your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, 'contactlessly'. But, what is Apple Pay, how can you use it, and is it secure? Read our guide to get the ins and outs.

When a credit card is burning a hole in our purse or wallet it can feel like we have unlimited spending power. But, appealing as that might be, we all have a credit limit. Read our guide to find out why we have credit limits, how they're calculated, and what to do if you break yours.

It's the stuff of nightmares, but are credit cards declined? If it's happened to you, we'll explain the likely causes, and if you want to prevent it, we'll tell you the best practice to can follow to reduce the chances.

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