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Search for a Credit Card by Bank has partnered with dozens of banks, including the ones listed below, to allow our users to search for a credit card by bank.


AA is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the UK. Having started as a car owners club, they now offer a range of financial service products, including credit cards.

American Express

American Express is one the biggest credit card businesses in the world. Now accepted in many more places, they offer a range of cash back and reward card products.


Aqua offer a range of credit cards to people with difficult or unusual financial circumstances, including credit building, bad credit and cash back cards.


ASDA are one of the biggest retailers in the UK, with a focus on price and value. They also offer financial service products which are designed specifically for their customers.


Barclaycard introduced the UK to credit cards in 1966 and remain at the forefront of the industry, offering market leading products to people with excellent and poorer credit scores.

Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland is the oldest bank in Scotland. Still proudly headquartered in Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, they offer a range of market leading credit cards.

Capital One

Perhaps best known for their League Cup sponsorship, Capital One have been establish in the UK since the mid-1900's, offering credit cards predominantly to people with poor credit.


Formed in Glasgow in 1838, Clydesdale Bank is one of the three Scottish banks entitled to issue its own banknotes.


Once the UK's largest building society, the Halifax remains a popular UK banking brand. They offer a range of credit cards, mostly to people with good or excellent credit.

Lloyds Bank

Founded in Birmingham, Lloyds Bank has been at the forefront of UK financial services for around 250 years. They offer a range of credit card products, all emblazed with their famous black horse motif.


Luma is a relative newcomer to the UK credit card market. They offer credit cards specifically designed to appeal to people with poor or bad credit history.

M&S Bank

M&S Bank offers a range of credit cards with unique Marks & Spencers related benefits, savings, and rewards.


Now part of NewDay, the Marbles credit card brand was established in the mid 1900's as a challenger to the existing credit card brands. They now offer a range of cards to people with bad or fair credit.


Headquartered in Chester, MBNA have been a leading UK credit card issuer for over two decades. They offer a range of own-brand and white-label products to people with good credit histories.


Nationwide are the largest mutual society in the world. As a mutual they are able to offer very competitive products to their customers since their customers are their shareholders.


Part of the RBS group, NatWest is one of biggest banks on UK high street. Having moved away from short-term introductory rates, they now offer a range of straightforward credit card products.


Ocean has been one of the most popular brands in the poor credit loans space for some time. They now offer the Ocean branded credit card, for people with bad credit.

Post Office

With history dating to the 1600's the Post Office is one of the most respected and trusted brands in the UK. Having diversified from mail collection and delivery, they now offer a range of financial service products.

Royal Bank of Scotland

With a rich history, RBS is one of the oldest UK banks and famously invented the overdraft. It is now partly owned by the UK government, but continues to offer a range of competitive products.


Offering a range of services, including home care, insurance, holidays and more, Saga was established to serve people over 50.

Sainsbury's Bank

Sainsbury's is a popular UK supermarket. They offer a range of credit card products, all of which enable people to collect points towards Nectar, the UK's most popular loyalty scheme.


Santander has become a familiar brand on the UK high street, since it famously acquired Abbey National. Within the credit card space Santander offer a number of popular cards in different mass market categories.

Tesco Bank

Tesco is the UK's biggest supermarket retailer and their ClubCard program has inspired a number of copy-cat schemes. Now also a challenger bank, Tesco offer a range of market leading credit cards.


TSB has been a permanent feature of the UK high street for over 200 years. Now re-establish in their own right, TSB offer a range of products, including balance transfers and air mile cards.


Established in 2003, Vanquis offer a number of credit card products under their own name and partner brands.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money has offered credit cards in the UK for a number of years in partnership with other organisations, but with the acquisition of Northern Rock they now have their own banking licence and can issue their own cards.

Yorkshire Bank

Originally formed in Leeds, Yorkshire Bank started life as a non-profit, serving the people of Yorkshire. Now part of the Clydesdale group, it continues to serve Yorkshire and the wider UK.