Wireless Festival lets revellers go cash-less

By UK CreditCards.com

When you're standing in the crowd at a concert, whether your wallet is still safely in your pocket is probably the least of your concerns. This year's Wireless Festival is giving concert-goers the option of leaving their wallets at home entirely.

Wireless Festival goes contactless
The Wireless Festival (which will be held July 6 to July 8 in 2012) will be the first to fully embrace contactless payment technology, giving attendees the chance to complete all of their transactions without carrying cash. Vendors at the festival, which is sponsored by Barclaycard, will accept all forms of contactless payment, including contactless credit cards, enabled smartphones and Barclaycard's specially designed wristband. It is hoped that the move will help reduce queues, prevent festival-goers from mislaying their money and promote the technology.contactless-wristband

How does contactless work?
Contactless payments are still a mystery to many Britons, despite a significant number of retailers now supporting the technology. They allow people to pay for goods and services up to a value of £15 (rising to £20 in June 2012) by placing their contactless credit cards or enabled devices against a specially designed reader. The funds are then deducted from their accounts, without the need to enter a PIN or provide a signature.

How to go cashless
New credit cards tend to be contactless-enabled, but there are also other ways to benefit from the technology. Smartphones generally support contactless payments, while those without a modern handset can still use the payment method by fitting a Barclaycard PayTag sticker to their existing phones.

Barclaycard will also be making its specially designed wristband, PayBand, available to Wireless Festival-goers. These can be topped up online before the event, or at the event using a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. To buy merchandise, food or drink at the festival, the wearer will simply have to tap the wristband against the appropriate reader at the point of sale.

Tom Gregory, head of digital payments at Barclaycard, says the festival will give people the chance to experience the benefits of cashless payments.

"We're really excited by the possibilities Barclaycard PayBand offers as a wearable, secure and easy way to pay when you're out and about at the festival," Gregory said in a statement.

How to get hold of your wristband
Those going to the Wireless Festival can apply for a free Barclaycard PayBand in advance by visiting the Barclaycard PayBand website and filling out the form. Numbers are limited, so festival-goers are advised to register as soon as possible. Once they have received their wristbands, they can top up their accounts online.

Barclaycard has promised that any fraudulent transactions made with the wristbands are refundable. Any funds that remain on the PayBand after the festival has ended will automatically be refunded to the original card account.

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Published: 24 May 2012