The friendliest credit card on the market

By Bridget Webber

When you search for credit cards, you will find that there are a few which may be regarded as as friendly, but only if you play by their rules. Be aware that while credit cards can be essential modern items to have they are part of a business exchange whereby the customer and the provider can indulge in their advantages, but the provider always has the upper hand.

Having said that, the new Virgin Money card is the most transparent about the ways in which customers may default on their agreements, and perhaps has the fewest catches compared to existing credit cards. It offers a 0% balance transfer for new customers for the first 15 months from when the account is opened.

After 15 months, the interest rate will automatically kick in. When you compare credit rates with the Virgin money card and other credit cards, it comes up trumps too. The purchase interest rate is 0% for the first six months and then goes up to the standard rate of 16.6%. There is a credit handling charge of 2%, which again, compared to other credit cards is a good offer.

The little extra bonus incentives that come with any credit card can often make the difference when it comes to choice. Virgin Money made sure that it added enough sweeteners. If you are a regular shopper in Virgin superstores, then you can look forward to receiving special in-store offers. Those who like to travel will receive the obvious benefits that an instant 3,000 free air miles bring as soon as you start using your card. And for each pound that you spend, another free air mile will be added to your account. This way, at least you can console yourself that as you spend money, you are contributing towards a future holiday at the same time.

More good news is that with your card comes purchase protection for 100 days from the time you make your purchase. This ranges from £50 to £1,000, which is a comforting thought if you enjoy making expensive purchases, or just can't afford to go wrong.


Published: 10 April 2009