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Editor's Choice: 4 fun credit card rewards


Published: 13 September 2011

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Rewards credit cards are often associated with difficult to achieve air miles or the ability to redeem a few quid off something you didn't really want in the first place. However, credit card rewards don't have to be useless or boring. They can often be redeemed for a little fun and excitement if you look around hard enough.


Here are our picks for some of the best and most interesting credit card rewards provided with UK credit cards:

1. NatWest: Enjoying the finer things in life
What sounds better than being offered free wine in return for spending money on your credit card? Absolutely nothing! This has to be one of the best rewards credit cards in the country. NatWest allow users of the YourPoints scheme to redeem their points on bottles of wine.

For example, 9,140 points will get you the best-selling six red, white or mixed bottles of wine. Although you have to spend nearly £10,000 to earn your reward, it's better to be offered free wine than nothing if you already use your credit card heavily.

The NatWest credit card also offers some other rewards -- none quite as interesting as the wine -- but customers can benefit from discounts when shopping or booking flights.

2. Virgin: Treat the family (or yourself)
One of our favourite places to go in the UK as children was Center Parcs, and now Virgin is offering rewards credit card customers the chance to redeem their points for vouchers towards their next Center Parcs break.

There are four different Center Parcs locations: Longleat Forest in Wiltshire, Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, Oasis Whinfell Forest in Cumbria and Elveden. The great things about Center Parcs is that there is something for everyone -- whether you want to relax in the woodlands, cycle through the forest or tackle the water slides.

The only downside is that Center Parcs can be quite an expensive break for a large family. These discounts could definitely come in handy and reduce the overall cost of your break.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, you have to be quite a heavy credit card user in order to obtain the best credit card rewards. You need 2,500 and 5,000 points to redeem £5 and £10 vouchers respectively.

3. Play/MBNA: Free DVDs & CDs
The credit card from MBNA calls itself "the most entertaining credit card on the web" and it's not far wrong. If you spend your days browsing the shelves of HMV or trawling through trying to find the best deals on CDs or DVDs, this is the best rewards credit card for you. cardholders can redeem their PlayPoints for vouchers, meaning that you no longer have to spend your extra cash on these goodies, you can save it for something. Users earn one point for every £1 spent in stores. When you your use card at, you will earn double points!

Spend £750 at or £1500 elsewhere to earn 15,000 points and redeem for a £15 voucher.

4. American Express: Shop ‘til you drop
Nearly every girl loves to shop, but, unfortunately, shopping can soon turn into window shopping if you can't afford to continue splashing out every month. This is when every fashion goddess needs the American Express rewards credit card, which turns your credit card spending into vouchers for your favourite high street stores. Next weekend, instead of spending your hard earned wages on luxuries, why not use your American Express credit card to earn some valuable points that can soon be turned into vouchers for Marks & Spencers, Harvey Nichols,, GAP, Harrods, House of Fraser and many more.

The great thing about the Amex UK credit card is that it is much easier to collect points. You will earn 3 points for every £1 spent in supermarkets; 2 points per £1 in department stores and 1 point per £1 everywhere else. As soon as you hit 5000 points, you can turn it into a £25 voucher. If you spend £500 each month for the first three months, you'll get 18,000 bonus points!

Tip: When browsing UK credit cards to find the best rewards for you, it's often best to think about what you spend the most money on. For example, if you take your family on a nearby weekend break in the UK a couple of times a year, rewards for free hotel stays might be more appropriate than air miles.

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