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Bad credit, credit repair

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  • 5 steps to applying for cards you're likely to get -- It's generally a good idea to avoid applying for too many credit cards at once, but if you keep getting rejected, what choice do you have? However, there are some steps you can take to apply to cards you'll likely be approved for the first time around ... (See Avoid rejection)
  • 7 small mistakes that can break your score -- Paying your credit card bills on time and never exceeding your limit are important to maintaining a good credit score, but they aren't the only things you need to do. There are several small things you can do to keep your score at its best ... (See Slip-ups)
  • Rebuild your score with a credit-building card -- A poor credit record can harm your chances of getting financial products in the future. Fortunately, you can rebuild your score. In addition to good payment behaviour, you can apply for a credit builder card to gradually repair your score ... (See Rebuild)

Balance transfer, debt consolidation

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Credit account management

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  • Financial capability: Managing money and planning ahead -- A recent report on financial capability based on six elements shows many Brits need to hone their financial skills. This short series will give tips on how to improve each area ... (See Capability)
  • Keep only the cards you need -- It's good to have a few cards at hand, but if some are collecting dust, it might be time to think about a cull. Not only will you lighten your wallet, but you might reduce fraud risk or lessen fees. But choose carefully which cards to cut ... (See Close cards)
  • Make money while using your credit card -- If you have a decent credit score, low levels of debt and the discipline to stay on top of several accounts, you may be able to try your hand at some of these ways to earn money by using your credit card ... (See Make money)

Credit card basics

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Credit card fundamentals

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Credit card help

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  • Helping an older relative deal with debt -- An Age UK study found that one in four citizens over age 65 are struggling financially. If you're worried about an older relative who has piled up some debt, you aren't powerless to help ... (See Senior debt)
  • A guide to debt advice organisations -- If you're in debt trouble, figuring out where to turn for help can be a problem in itself. There is sometimes a fine line between a legitimate company and a money-hungry business. Here are some signs that can confirm you're in the right place ... (See Debt advice)
  • What can you expect from a debt advice service? -- If you're struggling with debt, you have lots of options, including debt counselling. Debt advisers can help you assess your situation, work with creditors and form plans for the long and short term to get you on track ... (See Debt advice)

Credit cards for small business owners

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Credit scores, credit reports

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Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards

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Expert Q&A

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Frequent flier programs, airline rewards

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Innovations, features, new products

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  • Can social media help you get credit? -- New companies use your social media activity to create a score to help you get a credit product. But don't expect them to replace traditional scores anytime soon ... (See Social media score)
  • Prepare now for Samsung Pay -- When Apple Pay launched in the UK, non-iPhone users may have felt left out. But soon, Samsung owners will get to join the mobile payment action. Here's where and how to use Samsung Pay, so when it launches you can be first off the mark ... (See Samsung Pay)
  • Alternatives to Apple Pay on the horizon -- If you don't have an Apple device, you might have felt a bit left out when Apple Pay launched. But there's no need to change mobile platforms -- more options are coming soon ... (See Apple alternatives)

Instant approval, legal, regulatory, privacy issues

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Low interest, zero percent cards

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Merchant accounts

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Need to know

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Research, statistics

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Reward programs, cash back cards

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  • How to plan out holiday bills -- starting now -- It may seem early to think about December holidays, but three months isn't that long to spread your spending. Get organised now and you might be able to prevent the usual holiday hangover in January ... (See Holiday planning)
  • Smart ways to spend on holiday -- The cost of a family break has fallen in many popular destinations, so many Brits are travelling. But while you're away, don't take a holiday from smart spending ... (See Holiday spending)
  • Preparing for Apple Pay -- Apple Pay is finally here. Here's how the new mobile payment works, which banks support it, what software it requires and how it protects your information ... (See Apple Pay)

Spotlight: People on plastic

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Student credit cards, young credit

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