290,000 credit card numbers recovered by police

By UK CreditCards.com

DCPCU dedicated to uncover credit card fraud A special police squad set up to deal with the problem of fraud has recovered 290,000 compromised credit card numbers since its inception.

The Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU) celebrates the seventh anniversary of its creation today (29 April) and has used the occasion to reveal its successes. According to the unit, it has managed to reduce credit card and cheque fraud by £315m, while it has also seized 45,000 counterfeit cards and secured 240 convictions.

Members of the squad work with investigators from financial services firms and banks to uncover scams and catch fraudsters.

Sandra Quinn, director of corporate communications at UK payments association Apacs, said that the industry is "delighted by the continuing success of the DCPCU."

"Their outstanding work provides an excellent example of how a joint public/private partnership can work together," she added. "Not only does the unit stand on its merits as a successful model for other countries to follow, but it provides real benefit when tackling the organised criminal gangs behind financial fraud."

Earlier this month, the DCPCU made two arrests related to an ongoing fraud that has seen criminals steal credit card details by pretending to work for victims' providers.

Published: 6 May 2009