Avoid these mistakes to keep your credit clean

By UK.CreditCards.com

The various ways in which customers can inadvertently damage their own chances of successful credit card applications have been detailed in new analysis from Experian.

In a report published on MSN.com, the credit reporting firm highlighted the potential dangers of consumers changing addresses without notifying utilities firms and financial services providers.

If the customer does not keep their affairs in order in this way, mail containing sensitive details such as credit card numbers is at a higher risk of being intercepted and stolen. Fraudsters might then apply for additional credit cards using their victim's identity, lowering their credit score and making it harder for them to be accepted for future credit card deals.

Darryl Bowman, director of CreditExpert, Experian's anti-fraud service, said, "You may know that a clean credit report is important, but very few of us have the first idea that we could inadvertently be trashing our credit status."

Other things cited by Experian as having potentially negative effects on credit scores included:.

  • Not adding your name to the electoral roll.
  • Failing to separate financial affairs after splitting from your partner 

Published: 30 November 2009