Anti-skimming system protects credit card deals


A new technology aims to tackle credit card skimming.

The problem of credit card skimming at cash machines has led to the launch of a new device from ADT Security Services.

Skimming is a technique used by criminals who attach a small scanner to cash machines that reads cardholders' details as they withdraw money.

It is very hard for people to see that the cash machine has been tampered with and the skimming device does not affect the machine's operation.

The anti-skim solution from ADT interrupts the activity of a skimmer and also alerts a bank's security staff if the cash machine is tampered with.

"ADT already helps to protect tens of thousands of retail banking facilities, operations centres and ATM operations with a variety of intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems," said the firm's vice president Hank Monaco.

"Our new anti-skim solution adds another layer of protection for financial institutions."

A recent report from British cash machine operator Link revealed that skimming attacks are on the increase in the UK.


Published: 17 March 2009