Getting the Right Business Credit Card


Well selected business credit cards offer fantastic commercial advantages to businesses that use them. The actual advantages are specific to individual credit cards, but almost universally business credit cards can help;

Beyond these universal features, many business credit cards also offer specific rewards and benefits to entice customers to sign up, and given that there are a number of issuers now offering business credit cards there's a great deal of choice.

What rewards are available from business credit cards?

Depending on the product you select, a number of different features, benefits and rewards can be obtained from business credit cards. Some cards offer points based reward schemes (quite often exchanged for flights etc.), others offer cashback on purchases, whilst others offer low on-going interest (which might be beneficial to those businesses unsure of whether they'll clear their balance each month).

As the credit crunch has instigated a number of start-up ventures, we are also starting to see issuers offering features on business credit cards normally reserved for personal credit cards, like 0% balance transfers.

Other business credit card considerations

Remember to assess all the requirements you have for a business credit card before you start looking around. It's easy to get excited by the individual features offered, but if you don't need them they are unlikely to be of benefit to your business.

It's also beneficial to have a good understanding of the expenses you're likely to incur on your business credit card. Unlike the personal credit card sector, annual fees for products are common in the business credit card space, so you want to be sure that any rewards you gain offset the additional expense of an annual credit card fee.

If a large proportion of your business expenses tends to be for fuel for business travel, you may find a 'fuel card' is far better suited to your needs. Fuel cards are credit cards specifically designed for the purchase of fuel. They offer businesses discounted fuel from UK filling stations and simplify the process of reporting these expenses to HMRC.

If you don't have a business, or you're a sole trader who only uses a credit card for minimal business activity, it's likely that a business credit card isn't right for you.