Visa Credit Cards


Visa credit cards

Visa is an American multinational corporation operating in the financial services industry. It globally facilitates the process of electronic transfer of funds through Visa branded cards. Visa is not involved with issuing cards, extending credit, or setting rates and fees. Visa only provides "Visa payment products" that financial institutions (i.e. credit card issuers) use to create and offer products (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards etc.) to their customers.

Visa payment technology gives consumers piece of mind when it comes to making payments with their highly secure processes which help reduce fraudulent activity. Payments can be made in person using your card, online or by using a mobile electronic devise. Recently Apple have created Apply Pay which uses Visa to make secure payments using Apple devises including iPhone 6 and later models, Apple watches and iPads. Apple Pay can be used anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Visa can be used in more than 200 countries worldwide; making it easier to travel with your Visa card, you can even download the Visa app to help locate ATMs - should you need to withdraw some local currency whilst you’re travelling abroad, as well as helpful country guides, currency converter and customer service helpline should you lose your card. The rate you receive can be competitive with some airport bureau de change.

Shopping online with your card

When shopping online it’s important to make sure your details will be kept safe, you can do this by checking the website you are purchasing from has either an unbroken key or lock at the bottom of your browse window, this will show you if your details will be encrypted securely before your personal details are sent.

Verified by Visa

Join Verified by Visa to receive additional protection when shopping online, as it protects you against unauthorised use, as you will be asked to enter your password to continue with the payment. Over 300,000 websites within Europe use Verified by Visa as part of their everyday process, keeping consumers safe when making online payments.