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Credit Card Stories

  All credit card news
Are your selfies landing you in debt?
How to avoid and stop 'grey charges'
How to pay debt on a fixed retirement income
How to ensure companies truly delete your personal data
What you need to know about being an authorised user
How to deal with debt in preparation for retirement
What is a credit card debt default?
Apple Pay lands on the web
How to manage debt on an unpredictable income
How MasterCard lawsuit may affect UK consumers
Money and credit tips for your 50s, retirement and beyond
Why your bank, credit card issuer is texting you
Money and credit tips for your 30s and 40s
Credit, finance tips for Brits in their 20s
How to safely dispose of an old credit card
Mid-year cleanup: Organise, control your finances
How will Brexit affect your holiday spending abroad?
How immigrants to the UK can build credit
How will Brexit affect consumer credit availability and interest rates?
50 years of UK credit cards:
The history of how Brits use credit
A history of credit and debit cards in the UK
Regional differences in debt, credit use in the UK
The hidden fees and charges in your card agreement
Technology could boost financial inclusion -- but will it?
How British card behaviour compares to other countries
Enjoy the perks of your card without paying the annual fee
Help your spouse improve their credit
Incentives to switch current accounts tempting, but logical?
Credit cards no longer just for big-ticket items
Extreme, creative ways to clear debt
5 ways to avoid pitfalls of credit card money transfers
Risks of having more cards than you need
What borrowers need to know about P2P loans
4 wrong ways to pay credit card debt
Is overpaying your credit card bill a good idea?
A year on, financial curriculum successful, but flawed
Pay friends via mobile with P2P payments
Tactfully talking to your parents about money
Ex is an authorised user? They can spend, but aren't liable
5 steps to applying for cards you're likely to get
Devices with saved credit card info dangerous in kids' hands
7 small mistakes that can break your score
Financial capability: Making ends meet, controlling spending
Financial capability: Staying informed, choosing products
The right -- and wrong-- times to pay bills with credit cards
Smart ways to spend on holiday
Guaranteeing a loan loaded with risk, responsibility
Keep only the cards you need
Plastic personality: Unique cards in the UK and beyond
PayPal vs. credit cards: Which is the way to pay?
Inconvenient, not impossible -- a week without cash
Helping an older relative deal with debt
Is it possible to be too old for a new card?
Make money while using your credit card
Emergency credit card a good idea -- if used wisely
2 years on: financial education sees lacklustre growth
How to handle a sudden limit increase
Negotiating with collections agencies
Catching and preventing familial fraud
4 places your stolen information may be going
Protect yourself from card-not-present fraud
Old debt? You may be covered by statute of limitations
Prevent unwanted subscriptions on your card
Beware 'joint and several' agreements
Think carefully before lending to family, friend
Debate continues over what new fee cap means for you
'Buy now, pay later' offers can leave you with debt headache
Credit card demand means better products, more approvals
How to spot and prevent cashpoint skimming
Payday loan cap could push borrowers to illegal lenders
What to do if you're chased for debt that's not yours
How safe is unverified, contactless card technology?
Fraud more likely to occur with travel purchases
Small businesses especially vulnerable to data breaches
Your options if your card issuer changes your agreement
Football cards not best deals, but entice die-hard fans
Tax office cracks down on unreported credit card revenue
What the Wonga write-offs will mean for payday borrowers
The dangers of social spending -- and how to avoid them
Bank rules may allow rejected claims of account fraud
Using plastic to get cash abroad
The cost of a poor credit rating
Making budgets work when money is tight
6 signs you need a summer financial reset
When is it time to stop paying your kids' debts?
Is it a good idea to use a credit card to start a business?
Authorised overdrafts becoming more expensive for some
FCA: Unauthorised credit providers put consumers at risk
When it makes sense to not pay off your credit card
How easily can frausters hack contactless payments?
Consumer Rights Directive gives advantages to online shoppers
How payments will evolve in the next decade
Consider prepaid card for your World Cup travels
Who charges credit card surcharges -- and why?
FCA investigates: Is credit card market fair for all consumers?
Experts look back on financial lessons learned
Are you a candidate for Debtors Anonymous?
Don't let nontraditional loans lure you to debt
Three reasons for your card's expiry date
Plastic with prestige: Cards that signal wealth status
Are your emotions getting you into debt?
Card clash: What is it, and how to avoid it
Old-style scams increasingly used by fraudsters
Prioritising debt: Which bills are essential?
Social media is open door for thieves, lenders
FCA takes over consumer credit regulation
Retailer refusing a refund? A credit card may help
Good money habits contribute to good relationships
What's mine is yours -- unless we split up
Digital wallets slowly gathering momentum
Living without a credit card
To improve finances, create a better mindset
Halifax credit card customers will feel base rate hike
10 tech-savvy ways to protect yourself from online fraud
How to claim compensation from RBS meltdown
Companies urged to scrap costly customer service lines
How to handle credit card debt while unemployed
Giving back with your credit card
Older borrowers may still be rejected for credit
Why you shouldn't lie on a credit application
What does "APR" really mean?
Your heart is ready for a furry companion, but is your wallet?
Your guide to student finance
To keep or not to keep?
What the credit card insurance compensation agreement means
Don't let identity fraudsters ruin your holiday
Could a card fee cap mean the end of free banking?
Use your card abroad -- without foreign transaction fees
Child-rearing costs are putting parents over 60 in debt
5 fun ways to wrap a gift card
Fraud figures show need for credit card security
Marriage and money: Should you keep them separate?
MBNA to cease offering credit card cheques
Sergeant stole money from husband's credit card
Nicola T to use BB fee to clear credit card debt
Credit card payment firm 'caused airline's fall'
Sterling is up 0.3% against the euro
Barclay's posts 3Q credit card profits
Postal strikes delaying credit card repayments
Strapped UK consumers turn to loan sharks
Credit card annual fees making a comeback
OTF calls for 'transparent' card charges
Weaker pound affects purchasing abroad
Credit card users face 'hidden currency switch'
Technical fault downs Barclays' online systems
Abbey credit cards make Santander switch
Credit card complaints spike 9%
Credit card firms tougher on travel agents
Britons paying unnecessary credit card fees
One in five pensioners carry credit card debt
Credit card interest hike from HBOS banks
Credit card industry concerned over consumer debt
Economic downturn increases credit card data theft
Aviation authority 'going back on credit card deals'

  Bad credit, credit repair
Debt series: How to stay debt-free after you pay off your debt
Debt series: How to spot the signs of problem debt
Avoiding credit-builder card pitfalls
How to turn a 'credit detox' into long-term healthy habits
Rebuild your score with a credit-building card
What can you expect from a debt advice service?
Watch out for credit repair services
Are you committing financial infidelity?
How to make debt payoff less of a slog
Turned down for credit? What to do next
3 cards for credit newcomers
Tackle your debt with these 5 payoff strategies
6 signs you’re headed for credit card trouble
Your post-bankruptcy game plan
How to get out of debt in the new year
Do you need to go into debt to get out of debt?
CCJ: Three letters you never want on your credit report
Debt relief orders: A lifeline, but not an easy way out
4 steps for fighting debt denial
How to prepare for your first meeting with a credit counsellor
A guide to the bankruptcy process
Debt crash diet: Do you have the discipline for an IVA?
Can credit card debt make you sick?
Blogger Q&A: How I got out of debt
A “bad credit” credit card can help you escape the dreaded credit Catch-22
Debt payoff strategy: Renting out a spare room
Debt payoff strategy: selling your stuff
5 resolutions for credit card holders
How to rebuild your financial life after bankruptcy
Credit cards for bad credit: How they can help
What banks consider to be "bad credit"
Study: Credit card delinquencies widespread in the UK
Debtors urged to get credit card advice
Debt calls rise 27% from prior year
Credit card debtors should seek advice

  Balance transfer, debt consolidation
What is a 'life of balance transfer' card?
With long 0% balance transfer deals, one strike, you're out
How do banks benefit from long balance transfer offers?
Can you benefit from a 'double-duty' 0% credit card?
The dangers of card tarting
Need a balance transfer? Check your wallet first
Make the most of balance transfer deals while they last
4 tips for avoiding balance-transfer traps
Borrowing up, interest down -- but for how long?
Many applicants denied best balance transfer deals
Balance transfer deal may not cure financial hangover
Picking a balance transfer card
How to take advantage of the balance transfer war
A 0% card for damaged credit -- too good to be true?
The longest balance transfer deals in the UK
Christmas debt relief: Best balance transfer deals
The 5 biggest balance transfer mistakes
Editor's Choice: Best balance transfer credit cards 2011
8 factors to consider before your next balance transfer
0% balance transfer deals getting sweeter for consumers
Balance transfer credit cards: What to consider first
A record number of Brits are retiring deep in debt
Card users to transfer £2.8 billion in 2011
Should savings be applied to card debt?
Capitalise on balance transfer credit card deals
Pay off 0% credit card debt before rate expires
Why balance transfer cards don't work for everyday spending
Don't overdo credit card balance transfers

  Credit account management
Don't let debt ruin your relationship
How to handle credit card and other bills while unemployed
Tips for applying for credit cards on your phone
Who can I add as an authorised user?
You regret opening your credit card - now what?
Choosing the right card as your family grows
The 10 most common reasons why you're denied credit
Men, women and money -- who wins the battle of the sexes?
'Clear Your Clutter Day' creator says decluttering can improve your finances, well being
Financial housekeeping: 7 things to check off your list
How to erase your credit invisibility
Being rich doesn't guarantee credit approval
Credit card 'off switches' not the cure for problem spenders
Are premium credit monitoring services worth the cost?
Are you a 'revolver' or 'transactor' - and how does it affect your score?
Choosing and managing multiple cards
5 realistic financial resolutions
Unused credit cards can be costly
Are you catching bad money habits from friends?
What to consider before adding authorised user
What to consider before closing credit card account
Avoid late payments -- factor in processing time
8 reasons your card may be declined
An emergency credit card can come to the rescue
Common credit card fees and how to avoid them
Best credit cards for over-50s
How to prioritise your debts
Are debt consolidation loans a smart financial move?
Lots of credit going unused in UK
Personal loans v credit cards: What's the best way to borrow?
How to react to an interest rate hike
How to manage shared accounts
5 rules to follow if you're unemployed with debt
Think twice before writing out a credit card cheque
How to talk about money with ageing parents
Understanding your credit card contract: A 5-step guide to the small print
How to track your spending without going mad
Why was my credit limit cut?
Don't want a credit card? Here's why you might need one
3 signs your relationship is headed for financial trouble
Credit card cash advances: Use only in case of emergency
5 things to know about your minimum payment
Credit counsellors share consumers' biggest credit card mistakes
10 tips for your first credit card
Q&A: Why I live without credit cards
Personal finance bloggers confess their biggest money mistakes
Being too credit-shy can backfire
What happens if you miss a credit card payment?
UK personal finance bloggers share their money mantras
4 ground rules to set before co-signing a credit card
The pros and cons of sharing credit cards
A guide to the most common bank fees
How to change the due date on your credit card
6 rules for dealing with joint credit card debt during a divorce
4 signs that your credit card is a bad fit
Handling a loved one's debt after death
Love and money: 5 tips for newlyweds
Microsoft warns of new credit card security threat
Why you are better off managing your credit cards yourself
Why you should never reuse credit card PINs
First-party fraudsters target credit card firms
3/5 of Brits put petrol on their credit cards
Credit card details found on old mobile phones
Cardholders advised to plan for a rise in interest rates
5 questions you should ask before signing up with a new credit card provider
3 easy ways to prevent credit card fraud
How terrible savings rates can help you reduce your credit card debt
Credit cards: Who wears the trousers in your household?
Getting to grips with credit card debt
6% of Britons used plastic for home payments
Foreign usage fees cost travellers £62m
Britons cutting back on credit card debt
Britons delaying dental care, using credit cards for payment
Britons turning to hugely expensive credit cards
Credit card comparison burden left to consumers
Credit cards not a long-term mortgage solution
Credit card payment allocation confusing
Credit card charging habits changing
Card providers make significant policy changes
Consumers advised to manage accounts online
Credit card holders charged more for travel
Managing card debt wisely helps home buyers
Plan ahead to avoid credit card debt
Card fraudsters target holidaying Brits
Travelling abroad? Tell your card provider
Credit card figures show debt concerns
10 tips to finding the right credit card
Credit card deal offers no charge on European transactions
Brits charging less on credit cards, using debit more
Airline tickets can cost more when using credit cards
Searching for the 'ideal' number of credit cards
5 easy steps to eliminate credit card debt
No credit history? No problem.
Good vs. bad credit: Why is this important?

  Credit card basics
Pros and cons of having credit
What is APR and how is it calculated?
9 good habits of clever credit card users
Understanding and avoiding credit card fees
Skip the fine print, skip vital information
How to negotiate a lower credit card APR
Choosing the right credit card for you
How to successfully consolidate your credit cards
The five basic components of a credit score
5 credit card mistakes you should never make

  Credit card fundamentals
Best credit tips for millennials
5 financial questions you should ask your partner before getting married
4 wrong ways to pay off credit card debt
What to do when your credit card application is declined
The 3 most common credit card mistakes
3 secrets to getting a better deal on your next credit card
Warning: Choosing the wrong credit card could cost you thousands
The right credit card may cut overall holiday costs
How to find the best credit card deal for you
6 credit card truths
Types of credit cards

  Credit card help
Debt series: Why we lie about debt
A guide to debt advice organisations
Where to get debt help
Debt relief: 3 alternatives to bankruptcy
What you need to know about debt management plans

  Credit cards for small business owners
How to equip your small business to accept plastic
Credit cards can make -- and break -- small businesses
Businesses using credit cards to pay tax bills
4 reasons to use a business credit card

  Credit scores, credit reports
The fastest route to a high credit score
Clearing up confusion over credit reports, scores
Why and how to issue a notice of disassociation
Get up to speed on your credit report
Fact or myth? Test your credit rating knowledge
How to add a notice of correction to your credit reports
Does applying for credit hurt my credit?
How long do credit slip-ups stay on your credit report?
Financial disassociation: How to get a credit divorce
How to get your credit report, score
Half of consumers risk being swallowed by credit gap
What you need to know about the new FICO-Equifax credit risk score
Why landlords and employers want to see your credit file
How to fix mistakes in your credit report
How to use your credit limit to your advantage
A visual guide to your credit rating
How to rebound from a poor credit score
5 common credit score mistakes
Equifax and FICO team up on new credit scoring tools
More consumers are checking their credit
5 secrets of credit score overachievers
How to boost your credit score
Study: Many Brits lack key knowledge of credit scores
Applying for a new credit card? Check your credit score first
More UK employers checking credit reports
Credit bureaus to offer easy online access to credit reports
Personal pricing clouds card decisions
Study: Americans check credit card statements more than Britons
Concerns flagged up over credit reports system
Equifax sees rise in consumer requests
Credit card offers based on credit rating

  Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards
Calling all payment tech junkies:
Emerging innovations gather steam
Could Apple Pay help mobile wallets take off in the UK?
Currency cards can ease money hassles abroad
Editor’s pick: Five user-friendly prepaid cards
Britons have an appetite for debit
6 prepaid credit card fees to watch out for
5 offbeat ways to wrap a gift card
6 questions to ask when comparing prepaid gift cards
Experts: Contactless payments won't take off without retailers
UK consumers 'fearful of mobile payments'
Olympics vending machines may go contactless
Brits say they would pay £3 to top up mobile wallets
Will prepaid cards replace cash and cheques?
PayPal unveils future payment technologies
Editor's Choice: The best prepaid cards for travel
Why travel with a prepaid card?
The battle of prepaid credit cards: MasterCard vs Visa
Study: Overseas ATM withdrawals costly
5 questions to ask when comparing prepaid debit cards
7 facts about the prepaid debit card
Online shopping: More secure with prepaid cards?
How to avoid overdraft fees
Consumers turning to debit over credit cards
Google smart phone to support contactless payments
Prepaid cards replace credit for Internet porn
Prepaid cards can offset travel costs
'Mr Twitter' behind iPhone credit card system
Contactless technology trialled by Barclaycard
Brit tourists pay big for cash withdrawals
Brits spending extra on overseas ATM fees
Prepaid credit card halts overseas ATM fees
Prepaid credit cards help with budgeting

  Expert Q&A
Experts give the worst, best advice they've heard
Experts share money lessons learned from Dad
Personal finance experts share love and money tips
5 financial resolutions to make 2013 a better year
How to be frugal and festive: Money bloggers share their tips
Expert Q&A: Fitting your credit card into your long-term financial goals
Blogger Q&A: My first credit card
Blogger Q&A: How I'm teaching my kids about money
Expert Q&A: A guide to downshifting
Tips from the pros: Sorting your financial clutter
Thrifty bloggers share easy ways to get frugal
Blogger Q&A: The Diary of a Frugal Family
Expert Q&A: A personal finance site for women

  Frequent flier programs, airline rewards
How to cancel or reschedule a rewards trip
Guide to travel rewards schemes
Abundance of Avios not always enough
Firsthand account: There's no such thing as a free holiday
Should you convert to new Emirates rewards cards?
Credit card travel insurance could protect you from holiday nightmares
How to milk your travel rewards card
Editor’s pick: Travel rewards cards with no annual fee
How to extend the life of your air miles
Editor's Choice: The best air miles credit cards
How to compare airline rewards cards
A quick guide to air miles credit cards

  Innovations, features, new products
What payment technologies are in store for 2017?
What's holding back mobile payments
The voice command payment revolution
'Internet of Things' expands payment options
With Android Pay on the horizon, here's what you need to know
Credit card instalment plans:
Affordable alternative to high-interest borrowing
Biometrics aim to make payments more secure
Can social media help you get credit?
Prepare now for Samsung Pay
Alternatives to Apple Pay on the horizon
Preparing for Apple Pay
Could mobile payments replace your plastic?
How safe are contactless cards?
Contactless card payments now accepted on London buses
Pay by handshake: The way of the future?
Contactless payments doubled during Olympic Games
Ready or not, contactless cards are coming your way
New mobile payments partnership enters the fray
How to make money transfer credit cards work for you
Wireless Festival lets revellers go cash-less
New Equifax app lets you check your credit on your phone
Owe a friend some money? What you need to know about mobile money transfers
What's keeping mobile payments from going mainstream?
Boku and MasterCard team up for mobile payments
UK gets first contactless payments wristwatch
Accept credit card payments with your smartphone
Editor's pick: 5 great personal finance apps
Brits show appetite for contactless card payments
Barclaycard launches mobile rewards scheme
Smartphones to get secure fingerprint technology
Concerns raised over Oyster card payments
Mobile operators team up for payments venture
Wristbands enable contactless payments at festival
Starbucks to support contactless card payments
Barclaycard and Orange pioneer mobile payments
Survey: Brits reluctant to adopt contactless credit cards
McDonald's adopts contactless card technology
Study: Quarter of Brits make mobile credit card payments
Transport for London introduces contactless card payments for Tube, tram and DLR
London buses to accept contactless cards
Will contactless cards solve long queues?
Credit card holders warned about online gambling
MBNA rolls out new credit card text service
UK credit card payment checker tool updated
Severn Bridge credit card toll 'to arrive in 2010'
Contactless credit card use to increase
Dormant Amex credit card holders face charges
Prepaid card program rolls out for students
Credit card parking ticket surcharge opposed
Mobile alerts being trialled by Visa
iPhone game spreads contactless card message
First Direct debuts social media newsroom
Currency switches can lead to losses
Cards group publishes fraud advice guide
Credit card users not fully utilising Faster Payments Service
Online retailer launches credit card
Contactless credit cards won't replace cash
New credit card aims to cut down fraud
New contactless device debuts at Contactless Intelligence show
Anti-skimming system protects credit card deals
UK debit and credit cards - Why chip and pin?

  Instant approval, legal, regulatory, privacy issues
What protections do credit cards offer (besides Section 75)?
Equifax reveals millions affected in data breach
Equifax suffers major breach - are you affected?
Your credit limit: use it or lose it
What's safer: your card details or your health details?
Section 75 and third parties: when you aren't protected
Industry responds to FCA's proposal on persistent credit card debt
Open banking FAQs answered
FAQs on FCA, Labour proposals for helping consumers with persistent credit card debt
What is SIM card fraud -- and how can you avoid it?
Your card's security code explained
Why are some consumers still being charged high transaction fees?
What are banks doing to protect consumers from fraud?
How the fight against fraud impacts card users
Why you shouldn't hand over your contactless card
Protect your card details from smartphone malware
New rules give consumers more insight about personal data
Know your fraudster:
Types of criminals and what they want from you
Protect yourself from phishing and smishing
What to do if your data is part of a major breach
Beware fake social media customer service accounts
Fraud victims not liable for thief's charges -- usually
Are you eligible for compensation
for mis-sold fraud protection?
Tough new EU rules aim to ramp up data breach protection
7 smart ways to use plastic on holiday
OFT demands credit card surcharge transparency
A quick guide to instant credit cards
Sony customers face further credit card privacy woes
UK credit card fraud hits 10-year low
Beware of fake Wi-Fi hotspots when making contactless payments
Budget 2011 provides some relief for families
Watchdog group challenges card surcharges
Issuers weak on card claim advice
New rules impact credit card lenders
Charitable giving through ATMs idea presented
British teen linked to $12 million card fraud
ID theft cover: Do you really need it?
U.K. credit card fraud on the decline
Did card reform not go far enough?
Card customers protected against bankrupt Goldtrail
Virgin Money changes credit card order of payments
Plastic card fraud up 40% from a year ago
Special police unit targets card fraud
Britons careless with credit card pins
Grounded fliers' card purchases protected?
Credit card 'current address fraud' rising
New card laws don't offer instant relief
Reactions to credit card industry changes
Credit card rule changes approved
Consumer choice key to better card rates?
Is the alarm over chip and PIN justified?
New credit card lending appetite subdued
Chip-and-pin credit card flaw exposed
Credit card holders given more power in 2010
Couples warned over Valentine's credit card fraud
New credit card protections advised
London credit card fraudsters sent to jail
Late millennium bug disables German credit cards
Credit card fraudsters target Scottish hotels
Booking flights on credit cards 'is crucial'
Credit card holders given BA strike hope
Card thieves battle it out on the internet
Claimants await credit card debt decision
Credit card leak suspected in Spain
Credit card warning issued over fake Tamiflu
Postal strike smokescreen for card thieves?
Credit card holders get more protection
BIS unveils major credit card proposals
Credit card customers targeted in widespread phone scam
Bank reforms could hit credit card firms
Call centres criticised for credit card policy
New credit card laws effective Nov. 1
Credit card theft may rise in recession
Retailers fined for missing card protection checks
'Clampi' computer virus infecting credit card users
City Hall plans credit card crackdown
UK credit card laws likely to change
Celebrity sites often used by fraudsters
U.S. fraud led to theft of 130m card numbers
Acai berry weight loss fad gives rise to credit card fraud
Credit card law should apply to all plastic
Credit card customers conned by web domains
Increase in credit card fraud in UK
Brothers jailed for credit card fraud
Deceased are new credit card fraud targets
Credit card firms need encryption strategy
Credit card security standard slammed
London a hotspot for credit card fraudsters
Card refunds not guaranteed in ID theft cases
Lack of credit choices could lead to unregulated lenders
Debt Free UK advert misleads UK cardholders
Prevent phishing fraud by exercising caution
DJs arrested for six-figure credit card scam
Cardholder disputes favouring consumers
Rise in credit card fraud predicted for 2009
Credit card users 'keeping secrets'
Tories outline credit card plans
290,000 credit card numbers recovered by police
Significant arrests made in credit card scam
No link between credit card APR and Bank rate, says trade group
Consumers fear recession will increase credit card fraud
Four credit card cloners head to prison
Credit card shuffling practice in question
Credit card details cost less than can of cola
No change to Bank base rate
Office of Fair Trading to scrutinise credit card deals
Credit card rates not reflecting base rate cuts
New rules on debt from credit card deals
Check credit card statements often to beat card fraud
Credit card protections not extended to Paypal deals
Chip and PIN combating fraud on credit card deals
Fraudulent credit card deals caught on film
Fraudsters target new mobile phone users
New legislation to affect credit card deals
Older Britons more aware of credit card protections
Credit card fraud rises with recession

  Low interest, zero percent cards
How 'no-consequences' credit can lure you to debt
Use your credit card to cut smartphone costs
Best low-interest credit cards for Christmas shopping
Editor's Choice: Best low interest credit cards 2011
How to avoid high credit card interest rates
Shopping for a new laptop this year? Borrow safely with the right credit card
Budget for holiday spending with 0% credit cards
The friendliest credit card on the market

  Merchant accounts
Small firm bosses using personal credit cards

  Need to know
Online financial scams you should know about
What documents do you need to keep, and what can you chuck?
How your debt, mental health issues are related
Is your debt hurting your kids?
What Brexit might mean for credit card consumers
The truth about 'pre-approved' offers
Dealing with an unwanted credit limit increase
Dodge non-sterling transaction fees on foreign websites
Computer service scams quietly bilk thousands from victims
How can you improve your financial literacy?
Planning Greek holiday? Plastic still accepted -- for now
Helping mental illness patients cope with debt
Some US companies fail to comply with UK privacy rules
6 ways to reduce your risk of financial fraud
Debt collectors: Know your rights
Consumers asked to vote on
mis-sold insurance compensation
Protect yourself from vishing scams
Understanding gift card risks
Stop debt collectors digging up dirt on social media
How to cope with a rising interest rate
Four credit card problems that can ruin a holiday
4 things not to say to loved ones who are in debt
That wasn't the APR I applied for!
Does the surcharge ban go far enough?
Car hire credit card charges: A nasty post-holiday surprise
New consumer watchdog to get tough on financial firms
Can creditors take my wages?
Payday lenders face severe crackdowns
New rules set to curb aggressive bailiffs
Ditch your bank and switch to a credit union?
Self-employed vulnerable to credit card debt, study shows
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  Research, statistics
Financial capability: Managing money and planning ahead
What we buy and how we spend: A decade of change
Glimmers of optimism appear among financial gloom
Third of Brits would use windfall to pay off debts
Millions of Britons have no household budget
Children expect less for Christmas than parents think
Brits trying to spend less on Christmas dinner
Many over-50s plan to spend more this Christmas
Could your germy credit card make you ill?
Brits lack redundancy safety net
Are you suffering from 'banxiety'?
Brits turn to overdrafts as credit remains scarce
Younger women taking control of household finances
Brits hiding cash -- and debt -- from partners
Summer holidays break the bank for many families, study shows
Olympic spirit fuels rise in credit card spending
Falling credit card balances may not be good news
Money woes prevent couples from starting a family
Brits defy recession with £36 billion summer holiday plans
Consumers 'cynical' about online shopping security
Debit and credit card fraud hits 11-year low
70% of Brits have problem debt, yet many in denial
Airlines still charging fees ahead of surcharge ban
More Brits taking lodgers to pay debts and bills
UK households showing first signs of recovery?
Many UK families dangerously close to financial ruin
One in four expect to see partner's credit report
Fall in household debt no cause for celebration
How you pay might influence how you feel
Brits plan to reduce personal debts
UK consumers being extra cautious with credit
Credit card spending fell in 2011
UK credit card limits on the rise
Is going contactless the way of the future?
Holiday debt prompts credit card spending?
Survey: Debt, Tight Access to Credit Among Brits' Top Concerns
Consumers expect inflation to remain high in 2012
Study: Store card spending drops by 20%
Report: Brits' appetite for credit has waned in recent years
Study: Worst consequences of recession 'still to come'
Study: Credit cards more expensive, harder to obtain
Brits' savings efforts hampered by unsecured debt
Mailed credit card offers frustrate consumers
Do you prefer credit cards to cash?
Credit card interest rates climb higher
UK credit and debit card statistics
Credit card purchases fall 3m from 2009 to 2010
Do credit cards foster financial stability?
Plastic card transaction fees stir debate
Britons charge £118.3b less from 2008 peak
Card borrowing increased 5 percent in 2009
Credit card fraud on the slide in 2009
Credit card borrowing up in December
Credit card lending down 2% in November
Britons relying on credit cards for daily spend
Credit card interest rates highest since 2006
Britons using credit cards for mortgage payments
Plastic in vogue in 2010 as borrowing rises
Record credit, debit card ATM use predicted
Sainsbury's predicts record credit card ATM use
Britons reining in credit card spending this Christmas
Avoid these mistakes to keep your credit clean
Consumers cut back on credit card spending
Credit cards relied on in times of income instability
Psychiatrists weigh in on credit card, loan debt
UK credit card fraud losses decline
UK banks, cards, subject to increased complaints
Foreign cash left unspent by travellers
Reports highlight tight card markets
Credit card spending declines, balances rise
Summer surge in sterling value weakens again
Britons' debt load shows £3.4bn rise
Overseas credit card costs affected by market
Credit card providers note decline in lending
Card defaults drive up interest rates
UK card issuers see record credit card charge-offs
Despite small attempts to save, Britons still big spenders
Profits up at card firm Visa
Credit card lending rose £200m during June
UK braces for record card defaults
Credit card fraud concentrated in London
Travel firms raise credit card booking fees
Travelers holding on to foreign currency
Net credit card lending still rising
Card borrowing rises as economy signals recovery
Average annual card rates rise to 18%
Extent of credit card debt revealed
Credit, debit card usage sees monthly rise
Britons show trust in credit card firms
Online credit card transactions causing concern
North-east England residents keen on credit cards
Credit, debit card spending grew to £371.6bn in 2008
Contact centres not meeting PCI standards
Credit card interest rates rising
Young Britons' credit card habits unchanged
Majority of Britons paying off credit cards
Tracker mortgage customers paying off credit card debt
Credit card debt decreased in 2008
Credit card lending on the rise

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Modern Brits expect cash to go extinct
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One in three could face Christmas debt hangover in 2012
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Mobile purchases of Christmas gifts set to double
'Secret Santa' could keep Christmas costs down
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Credit card usage surges as more shoppers buy presents online
Avoid holiday debt regret in 2011
Online credit spending averages £192 a month
Weak pound increases ski trip costs
Online shopping safest with credit cards
Credit card customers warned over dazzling teeth scam
British pound will fall fast and far
Sunny weather boosts credit card spending
Credit cards hailed as safest way to buy goods
Credit card deals with PayPal increasing

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One in five need over a year to clear debts
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Over-55s struggle with rising unsecured debts
Survey: 1 in 3 Scots has outstanding credit card debt
Number of cash-strapped Brits at all-time high
Are you committing financial infidelity?
Britons anticipate cash-free future
Dealing with credit card debt during a divorce
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