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Credit cards can be a phemonenal personal finance tool, but if account information is lost or stolen, they can also cause endless frustration. PrivacyWise™ UK is a reference guide that helps you:






UK Privacy Resources

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Information Commissioners' Office Logo
Useful tips from the Information Commissioners' Office to help you guard against identity theft.


Financial Fraud Action UK
Financial Fraud Action UK is an organisation, which is sponsored by the financial services industry, to undertake efforts to help prevent payment card and cheque fraud in the UK.



Action fraud
Guidance on Phishing from Action fraud, the UK's national fraud and cyber crime police unit.
0300 123 2040


Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Logo
Use the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to optout of receiving sales and marketing calls


Mail Preference Service (MPS) Logo
Use the Mail Preference Service (MPS) to optout of receiving unwanted direct mail (addressed mail).


OnGuard online
One of the internet's leading anti-phishing sites, Millersmiles maintains an ongoing archive of phishing and identity theft email scams