Why Get a Low Interest Credit Card?


Low interest credit card users

Low interest credit cards enable customers to transfer balances or purchases with their credit cards, safe in the knowledge that if they do not clear their full balance in any given month, they will only pay a relatively low amount of interest. This straightforward approach, where customers are not compelled to constantly track down the best balance transfer deal, or be stung with higher interest payments after the promotional period has ended, has made low interest credit cards an increasingly popular alternative to mass market balance transfers and 0% purchase card offers with credit card customers.

Who Offers Low Interest Credit Cards?

A number of UK credit card issuers offer low interest credit card products, so there's always a reasonable number of products to select from. As you would expect they are all slightly different. Some effectively fix what are in reality 'variable' interest rates, whilst others nominally link their interest rates at fixed points above the Bank of England base rate.

Check the small print with all of these products to see what rights the issuer retains to alter interest rates. You'll probably be surprised how much flexibility they retain to alter the interest rates they offer, and you have to make a judgement call about whether you expect them to raise rates (something comparison tables cannot help you with). Often it's the expectation of the public that they are treated fairly by credit card issuers, and the reaction issuers would get if this perception changed, that keeps product pricing at reasonable levels, but there is always a risk that issuers will increase pricing (because variable pricing is exactly what it says).

To ensure you get the right low interest credit card, it's essential you compare products. Comparison tables are very useful for this, as they collate many of the best products in one place and give details about what the initial rates on the products will be.

Of course, if you are happy to regularly track down the best 0% balance transfer products, you'll probably find that these products can offer a cheaper way of clearing a balance you have already accrued.