Football Credit Cards


Comparing credit cards becomes an irrelevance when it comes to Football credit cards. If your team doesn't offer a product you are interested in, you're very unlikely to get a credit card from a rival team. The simplicity of the choice is actually very refreshing given the complexity usually involved with financial choices. That is not to say that Football credit cards are entirely without merit, other than the affiliation to a certain team they demonstrate. Many do include benefits you find on other mass market credit cards with broad appeal (like balance transfers and 0% purchases). Above is a list of some football credit cards (ranked alphabetically - so as not to show any particular bias to one team or another).

Why Would I Want a Football Credit Card?

Many big football clubs now have their own official credit card and, much like the team kits that many people buy to demonstrate loyalty and affinity to a specific team, they enable us to show support for our club in a simple and straightforward manner. Like the kits and other football merchandise, they aren't necessarily the "best" product, or the best value, but then that isn't the point. The ways in which we show support for different clubs and teams aren't always rational. That isn't to say that getting a Football Credit Card from a financial perspective is entirely irrational, as they do have some merit, but there are likely to be larger forces at work. Most football credit cards also offer points based loyalty schemes (a type of reward credit card), which can be redeemed against exclusive club related benefits, like experiences, merchandise & entertainment products. Sometimes clubs and issuers also run ad hoc benefits for cardholders, which can be completely unique and, of course, unavailable to those without an official club credit card.

How Do Clubs Benefit from Football Credit Cards

Football clubs benefit from having official club credit cards in a number of ways. Of course, every deal is different between clubs and the issuers of the credit cards (no football club has a banking licence, so all football credit card products are launched in conjunction with the backing and infrastructure of a bank), but typically the credit card issuer makes a contribution to the football club for every transaction made using the card. Official credit cards also offer clubs another way of getting supporters to engage with their brands. Not everyone wants to buy a shirt every year, but a club credit card is essentially "free".

Is a Football Credit Card Right for Me?

If you are looking at credit cards in general and you want to get the best available product, then a football credit card will not be it. Yes, many of them do offer balance transfers and 0% purchases, but there are considerably better deals available if that's what you're looking for. If, however, you're not too worried about balance transfers, you just want to get your card out to pay for things, and you're a passionate follower of your team then a football credit card might be perfect for you.