New contactless device debuts at Contactless Intelligence show


A contactless device for payments launched at the 2009 Contactless Intelligence Conference and Exhibition, held in London in April.

Retailers can use the device, called the PoS Paddle Tap-It, to process payments instead of swiping customers' debit or credit cards. The technology is being added to existing chip-and-PIN machines as it is configured to work alongside older systems.

The PoS Paddle Tap-It was designed by Edinburgh-based product development company i4 Product Design on behalf of Tailwind Solutions. Gordon Miller, director of i4, said: "The brief required both devices to be extremely flexible, in order to be compatible with the existing range of chip-and-PIN readers in the market. They needed to be cost-effective for retailers to buy, easy for consumers to use, attractive and designed to accommodate all electronic point-of-sale devices (the retailers' tills) and compact enough to minimise the use of valuable counter space."


Published: 14 April 2009