British teen linked to $12 million card fraud


A 19-year-old Briton is facing a long prison sentence after pleading guilty to masterminding a multi-million pound internet credit card scam.  Nick Webber sold stolen credit card details online and the teenager's website has been linked to worldwide fraud totalling an estimated $12 million.

Stolen credit card details sold to website customers
Webber was caught with details of 100,000 credit cards on his computer.  The Daily Mail reported that 'prosecutors say American account details were made available to the website's 'customers' for $3, EU ones for $5 and UK ones for $6.'

As well as selling credit card details, Webber's site also hosted a range of tutorials designed to show others how to run other credit card scams.  These included lessons in creating computer viruses, hacking into bank accounts and using stolen credit cards on the auction site eBay.

Webber admitted conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to make or supply articles for use in fraud and encouraging or assisting offences.  He has been remanded in custody ahead of a three-day sentencing hearing in 2011.

Three others also facing jail after admitting charges
Gary Kelly, 21, Samantha Worley, 22, and Shakira Ricardo, 21, also admitted various charges in connection to the credit card scam. 

Judge John Price said: "You are all very young and very intelligent people, and it's a tragedy to see you in the dock.

"You used your enormous skills and education in what looks like an enormous conspiracy to defraud and steal people credit cards and bank accounts and all that sort of thing, and you are so young.

"Of course, these are such serious matters that there may well be substantial periods of imprisonment, I won't know until I have seen reports and all the other materials.

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Published: 9 December 2010