Fraudsters target new mobile phone users

Credit card details used to sign up for 'insurance'


Economic downturn increases card theft Consumers have been told to be wary of fraudsters claiming to sell mobile phone insurance.

Trading Standards has launched an investigation following complaints from consumers who bought poor quality or invalid cover with their credit cards over the phone.

Victims are being called shortly after buying a new mobile by people purporting to be from reputable phone outlets, offering cheap insurance. The callers then ask for credit card or bank details and charge the account for the insurance.

Trading Standards believes that the criminals buy new phones and then dial numbers similar to their own, in the hope of finding someone who has just bought a phone.

While most of the complaints have involved people buying low-quality insurance, Trading Standards is also fearful that the credit card details could be used for further fraudulent purposes.

A number of companies in Swansea are currently being investigated as part of Trading Standards efforts to stamp out the practice.


Published: 23 March 2009