MBNA rolls out new credit card text service

By UK CreditCards.com

MBNA rolls out credit card textingMBNA confirmed this week that its credit card holders can now make use of the new 'Mobile Banking Text' service.

The improved versatility of mobile phones has been one of the major technological advances in recent years, with internet and video-based services becoming increasingly commonplace. Users are able to perform a wide range of tasks with their handsets and managing personal finances is one area which has proved particularly popular. With that in mind, MBNA launched a new service designed to allow its customers to easily access information relating to their accounts.

What is the MBNA's new credit card service?
MBNA card holders simply text 'Bal, 'Trans' or 'Bill' to a dedicated short-code number, 83838, and within seconds will receive details about their balance, payments and transactions. The company noted that the service is available to customers across all its products, thought to be about 5 million people in total.

Credit card information at your fingertips
Ian Craig, sales, service and operations executive at Bank of America Europe Card Services, which operates the MBNA brand, revealed that the texting tool is one of a number of new initiatives the company plans to roll out in the coming months. He explained that the main motivation for developing the service was the fact that consumers are increasingly seeking more control over their finances "in a way that fits their lifestyles".

"Newer technology, including mobile phone functionality, SMS, the internet and voice recognition systems, are transforming the way our customers expect us to interact with them," he said. "With this service, we are able to provide our customers with another way to bank that is simple, straightforward and puts their credit card information at their fingertips whenever they need it."

How much will the service cost?
MBNA has announced that the service is completely free for its customers, although certain network providers may decide to impose a standard text message charge. The tool will work with any SMS-enabled British mobile phone operating in the UK.

Other recent MBNA advances
Some of the "exciting" developments referred to by Mr Craig have already appeared in recent weeks. MBNA has launched paperless statements for customers signing up via new internet accounts and is also offering the chance to activate credit cards online. In addition, the company decided to stop issuing credit card cheques from the end of March 2010. They have now been banned after the financial services bill received royal assent last month.


Published: 20 May 2010