Card refunds not guaranteed in ID theft cases


Consumers need to be vigilant about details

Customers are not guaranteed refunds from their credit card provider when they suffer ID theft, a consumer group has pointed out.

Which? also said that around £610m had been lost through so-called cash machine fraud last year -- 31% up on the year before.

ID theft is often achieved by criminals spying on victims as they enter their PINs in cash machines or chip-and-PIN devices in shops. The thief then steals the card and maxes it out with purchases of their own.

Moreover, bank rules state that a customer is not to be reimbursed if they have not taken "reasonable" care in protecting their details.

Martyn Hocking, editor at Which?, said: "Fraudsters can be extremely clever and may need just a few details to access your accounts, but you can significantly reduce the risk of fraud if you're vigilant.

"Most of us know that we shouldn't write down our PIN, but we should also shred bank statements, be cautious about the passwords we use and think twice before posting personal details online."

Published: 30 June 2009