Fraudulent credit card deals caught on film

BBC reveals stolen credit card offers in India


BBC News covers credit card fraud

Journalists have secretly filmed a deal where the details of British credit card users were sold for fraudulent purposes in India.

A team from BBC News travelled to the country to meet a man who had access to the credit card details of UK citizens, which he said had been obtained from call centres.

The journalists pretended to be fraudsters and bought the information from a man named Saurabh Sachar for $10 a card.

Many of the entries the team was sold were incorrect, although one in seven had accurate names, addresses and credit card numbers, meaning they could be used to defraud the cardholder.

"We don't yet have a dedicated legislation on data protection," Indian lawyer Pavan Duggal told the broadcaster.

"Until such times as India comes across with strong stringent provisions on data security, we will have instances like this keep on happening."

The latest figures from payments association Apacs show that credit card fraud is on the increase, with telephone-based transactions one of the main growth areas.

Published: 24 March 2009