5 offbeat ways to wrap a gift card

By UK CreditCards.com

I know what you're thinking: A gift card? How boring. But many people like to receive gift vouchers. They're flexible and convenient and they allow recipients to choose exactly what they get.


Worried that other people might think your gift card is boring? Try dressing it up in an imaginative and creative way. That way, you can ensure that the recipient will remember your present and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it.

Here are six quirky ideas that could bring a smile to your recipient's face:

1. Hide the card in a bowl of popcorn.
Is your friend or family member a complete movie buff? If so, why not offer to watch a film with them, get some popcorn and tuck the gift card inside? That way, when the recipient is half way through the film (and the popcorn), they will find an unexpected surprise.

Tip: Opt for a general gift card or something more specific to what they enjoy doing. In this case, perhaps a cinema gift card would be appropriate.

2. Create a CD and hide the card in the gift case.
If you know a music fan, you can't go wrong with making a mix-tape style CD with all their favourite tracks, or songs that remind you of them. If you are clued up on your technology, you could even record a message on the CD saying that their gift card is hidden inside the CD case.

Tip: Gift vouchers and cards for iTunes, HMV or other music stores may be more personalised than a general High Street gift card.

3. Slip the card into an old book.
Another novel way of presenting a gift card -- no pun intended -- is to place a gift card inside a tatty old book from a charity shop. If you know a bookworm, you could pick up a cheap novel from a local store and tuck the gift card inside on a relevant page number such as their age or a special date. Then write a message on the inside of the cover letting them know that there is a surprise on page 50, or whatever number you choose.

Tip: As a cheeky joke, consider placing a Kindle gift card inside the book. Your recipient will appreciate the contrast. 

4. Add the card to the pocket of some funny clothing.
Most people love to receive new clothes, but with everyone so particular about the colour, style and size, it can be difficult to shop for someone else. One quirky idea might be to buy or find a piece of clothing that the recipient would never choose to wear -- perhaps a tracksuit for the fashion conscious, or a bright pink tutu for a tomboy -- and pair it with a gift card from their favourite retail outlet.

Either slide the gift card  in the pocket, or attach it like a price tag. Include a funny message on the card that says you opted for a gift card as you didn't think they would appreciate your taste in clothes.

Tip: Don't spend too much on clothes your recipient won't wear. Check your closet or attic for ideas or visit a nearby charity shop. 

5. Pair the gift card with a group of personalised scratch cards.
Personalised scratch cards can be ordered online and are ideal for any celebration, such as a wedding, birthday or Christmas.

The cards come in packs of 10, and you can decide how many winning cards there are. Offer the gift card as the winning prize or attach the gift card to the winning card.

Tip: The presentation of gift cards can make all the difference between a really personal and thoughtful present, and one that you have opted for in haste. Always choose gift vouchers and cards that are applicable to the person and use wrapping that matches the theme.  

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Published: 14 December 2011