Travelling abroad? Tell your card provider


Credit card travelling advicePeople planning to use their credit cards abroad should make sure their issuers have a telephone number where they can be contacted 24 hours a day.

The UK Payments Administration issued the advice following a report in the Guardian that many people are seeing their credit cards blocked when they try to use them in foreign countries.

In addition, the payments organization advised customers to note down the 24-hour helpline number for their provider, while they can also avoid the possibility of having their card blocked by making clear their travel plans.

"Banks have intelligent fraud detection software so that if any purchase is out of the norm it will get flagged up," a Payments Administration spokesman told the newspaper.

"We have seen an increase in fraud abroad, so it is entirely possible banks are programming their systems to be especially sensitive to transactions overseas."

Credit card fraud conducted abroad has been cited by the UK Payments Administration as one of the main growth areas for card crime in general, particularly in countries without chip-and-pin technology.

Published: 15 July 2009