Credit card parking ticket surcharge opposed


Surcharges to pay parking tickets by credit cards opposed

Britain's councils should be forced to stop charging extra for those who pay their parking tickets via credit card, a campaigner has said.

Neil Herron of the motoring campaign group Parking Appeals is calling for a class-action lawsuit to oblige local authorities to stop the charges, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The campaign against the fees was bolstered earlier this year when an adjudicator said that Camden council's 1.3% extra credit card charge was unfair.

These surcharges have since been suspended by the local authority and residents have been given details on how to claim the money back.

However, several councils are thought to have launched similar credit card policies over recent months and some of these schemes could still be ongoing.

Speaking to the newspaper, Herron commented: "Councils have a duty to act within the law at all times and yet again their greed, by trying to extract every last drop of cash from the motorist, is going to come back and bite them."

The campaigner added that UK legislation on the issue of surcharges imposed by local authorities was "explicitly clear."

Published: 14 August 2009