Credit card holders charged more for travel


Credit card holders pay higher travel feesBooking flights and holidays with a credit card through airline websites is costing customers more, according to The Times.

The newspaper conducted an analysis of the market and said that there is "inconsistency" in the way in which card holders are charged. According to the publication, airlines charge either flat fees or levy additional costs on a progressive basis.

For example, people booking British Airways flights on their credit cards pay a flat fee of £4.50, while Virgin customers are charged according to the length of their journey.

The report said: "There is inconsistency not merely in the amount but also in the method (flat fee or percentage of value) as well as in the basis of the calculation, per transaction or per person, per leg or per booking. The result is an inability to compare like with like … until after the decision to book has been made. It also means that you could be in for a surprise by the time you pull your card out."

Published: 18 September 2009