Credit card fraudsters target Scottish hotels


Credit card fraud A gang of fraudsters from the West Midlands have pocketed £20,000 by using stolen credit card and ID details.

The group, known as the Coventry Falcons, booked cheap flights to Scotland with the intention of targeting customers at some of the country's most distinguished hotels, the Daily Record reports.

Breaking into the rooms when they were unoccupied, the criminals took the relevant documents and subsequently used them to empty their victims' bank accounts.

Despite the sizeable sum being racked up in a one-month spree, a prominent member of the mob, Simon Close, has been caught and sentenced to seven months in jail.

As a result, a Proceedings of Crime action has now been lodged at Perth Sheriff Court in order to claim the £1,239 in Mr Close's possession at the time of his arrest.

"The [Coventry Falcons] steal cheque books, credit cards and ID documents," read one part of the action quoted by the newspaper.

"They then use the stolen items to commit fraud to obtain money and goods. Such frauds are often committed before the victim realises the items are missing."

Published: 28 December 2009