Card fraudsters target holidaying Brits

Basic security measures apply when on holiday, too


Airline debit, card card fees riseUK residents going abroad for their holidays have been advised to be careful about their credit cards.

Consumer group Which? said that Britons were notorious for relaxing completely when on vacation and forgetting basic security measures.

Dan Moore, a senior researcher at Which? Money, explained that fraudsters target people who appear to be unaware of their surroundings and give off a careless vibe.

"One of the things is when people go abroad, all the practical things go out of their heads," he added. "For a start, you are on holiday so you are in a more relaxed frame of mind and it's quite usual to do things abroad that you wouldn't even contemplate in the UK. Your mindset just isn't what it is at home."

According to a recent report from life assistance firm CPP, there was a 17% increase in card losses and theft abroad in 2008 compared to the previous year.

Published: 23 July 2009