Credit card deal offers no charge on European transactions


Traveling abroad? You may want to consider using financial services provider Saga's platinum credit card. The card does not charge foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside of your country.

Credit card debt decreases "It can clearly be quite unpleasant to come back from a holiday and find your credit card bill stuffed and loaded with charges which are often quite significant," said Paul Green, head of communications at Saga. According to the finance firm, the lack of the foreign transaction fee is a key feature which its credit card customers particularly like.

"Some credit card companies charge up to 2.75% for using your card abroad and that's just not on," he stated.

Finance firm recently warned consumers to be wary of charges when using a credit card abroad.

Research from the company showed that conversion fees commonly equate between 2.75% and 2.99% for every payment.


Published: 31 March 2009