Accept credit card payments with your smartphone


Payment solutions provider CreditCall has announced an innovative app that should make it easier for businesses to accept credit card payments.


The CardEase Mobile app is designed to enable businesses on the move to accept chip-and-pin credit card payments on smartphones or tablet computers. The app should prove particularly useful for people such as tradesmen and beauticians, as they will be able to accept card payments while they are out and about.

CardEase Mobile turns smartphone into card terminal
As of Dec. 1st, businesses will be able to process debit and credit card payments on the move, as long as they have a smartphone or tablet computer. CardEase Mobile is a completely secure app that has been full tested by UK banks and is approved by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

The app is designed with businesses such as tradespeople, market traders and beauticians in mind. The business simply needs a BlackBerry or Android device and a Bluetooth card reader/pin pad, which is provided by CreditCall's bank partners. This set-up enables businesses to process chip-and-pin or magnetic stripe credit card transactions, regardless of where they are. Receipts are provided via a text message or email from the smartphone that is being used for the transaction.

CreditCall Director: CardEase is the first app of its kind that's compliant with UK banking rules
Pete Alcock, marketing director of CreditCall, explained that other card acceptance apps are non-compliant with UK banking rules, with some not even supporting chip and pin.

"With CardEase Mobile we have done the job properly and engineered the first solution that meets all the current UK requirements, so as to protect both cardholders and merchants from fraud, abuse and charge-backs," he revealed.

Mr Alcock added that no cardholder data is stored on the smartphone or the card reader and that all data traffic is encrypted to prevent fraud.

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Published: 29 November 2011