Charity Credit Cards


Charity Credit Cards are one way in which a cardholder can donate to their charity of choice whilst spending on their credit card. Compare such cards side by side and apply online for a credit card that gives back to your favourite charitable organisation.

Why Get a Charity Credit Card?

One of the effects of the recession, which has been buffeting the UK in recent years, is that contributions to charities have declined as people tighten their belts. One way of ensuring that you help contribute to these charities, who need funding more than ever before, is by getting a charity credit card.

Charity credit cards are available from many leading UK and international charities. They are all slightly different in terms of what they offer the consumer and the charity they support, but often they offer a percentage of the value of credit card purchases to the charity. Some also offer features you might find on standard UK consumer credit cards, like 0% interest on balance transfers and 0% on credit card purchases, so you can take care of your own financial wellbeing whilst helping contribute to your favourite charity.

How to Get the Best Charity Credit Card

As with all charitable giving, there is no easy way to say that one charity or cause is more worthy than another. Charities themselves tend to appeal to us because of life events that touch us, or loved one's we know. This makes assessing the best charity credit card a massively subjective exercise. However, if one could approach it without judgement influenced by personal circumstance, then checking the specific earn rates individual charities get from their respective credit card issuers (all charity credit cards are run by wider banking groups who offer charities the platform on which they run their credit card) would enable dispassionate assessment of their true value.

What are the Alternatives to Charity Credit Cards?

One criticism often levelled at UK charity credit cards is that they offer relatively little to the charity compared to what could be earned by individuals using market leading credit cards, and giving the savings to charity (for example some cashback credit cards offer 5% cash back during the promotional period) . Whilst this is true, it's often the case that well-intended individuals forget to return the donations they mean to give to charity, so although charity credit cards aren't perfect, they do offer a secure route back for the charitable contributions. They also offer a demonstrable, but subtle, way of us showing loyalty to a particular charity that could help influence those around us into additional giving.