Who Are Prepaid Business Credit Card Designed For?


Prepaid business credit cards offer UK businesses a simple and straightforward way of managing their business finances, and their flexibility means that they could be suitable for a number of different businesses in different ways.

Some businesses will find that they can benefit by offering employees these products to use when spending on behalf of the business. This enables the business to effectively cap the amount of expenses an individual employee can generate (without requesting additional 'Top Ups'). It also means that those with a vested interest of understanding, at a granular level, the financial position of the business (Managing Directors, Finance Directors, Accountants etc.), can quickly see what expenditure is occurring on the company's behalf (long before the matching invoices/receipts etc. are filed). Of course, there are also benefits to the employees who use these cards on behalf of the business, in that they no longer have to use money from their own pocket to pay for business expenses (before being reimbursed).

Other businesses, especially smaller businesses (SMEs/SMBs) or micro businesses, might find that they can effectively use a prepaid business credit card in place of a business bank account. Business credit cards don't necessarily offer all the functionality that a business bank account offers (not having a cheque book being one of the big differences), but if you tend to deal in cash or direct payments, then this might not necessarily prove to be a disadvantage. Indeed you could discover you avoid paying for functionality you don't need or use.

What Do Prepaid Business Credit Cards Cost?

Different business prepaid cards attract different charges for the functionality they offer, so before applying you should try to get a good understanding of what you'll be using the card for (number of transactions, where, how etc.). Then, when you actually compare business prepaid credit cards against each other to find the best product for your business, you'll be doing it with a good sense of what it will actually cost your business. You can also make a more informed choice about whether you should get a card that charges an upfront annual fee (but offers more 'free' functionality thereafter), or a card that is 'free' on application, but charges for individual transactions.

Of course, if you are in a more established business, or need a card that offers credit to enable you to better manage your business cash flow, then a business prepaid card might not be right for you, and you should perhaps look at more traditional business credit cards or corporate credit cards. Equally, if your business are predominantly associated with the purchase of fuel for company vehicles you may find a prepaid fuel card, offering discounted fuel at UK petrol stations, is better suited to your businesses needs.