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UK CreditCards.com, run by Freedom Marketing, is a free internet resource where you can find a wealth of information on all things 'credit card'.  Whether it is just general information you are after, or details about a particular credit card, this is the place.

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Lee Allard, Account Director, MCHI (Virgin Money's agency)
"Because of their years of experience and international resources from which it can draw relevant expertise, Freedom Marketing has been a key partner of ours in developing campaigns together to fulfil our clients' objectives. Their collaborative ethic and approachable manner make them enjoyable to deal with, and their knowledge of the Finance sector specifically is vital in reacting to market changes and understanding a wider market context."

Ewan Darby, Business Partner, Affiliates, NEO@Ogilvy (AMEX agency)
"Neo@Ogilvy is a media agency that runs American Express' digital campaigns in the UK and globally and it is my team's responsibility to optimise partner relationships on the Amex affiliate programme.

Michael Jacklin and the rest of the team at Freedom Marketing have proven to be excellent partners for American Express, not simply for the revenue and customer acquisition they drive but perhaps more importantly for the quality of their referred customers and industry insights we receive as a matter of course.  Their industry knowledge is second-to-none and they constantly seek to further their profile and expertise and passing this knowledge on to us in a digestible format.

We have no hesitation recommending Freedom Marketing to any organisation seeking to work with them"

Charlotte Dickson, Internet Marketing Manager RBS, UK (NatWest and RBS card acquisitions)
"We have been working with Freedom Marketing for a number of years and they have been instrumental in helping us achieve our credit card sales targets across a wide-range of propositions and market conditions. They take a very pro-active approach to dealing with partners and we consider their industry knowledge invaluable in helping us plan activity."

James Cooper, Head of Affiliates, Media Contacts (Nationwide agency)
"Time after time Freedom Marketing prove themselves to be a key partner for our finance clients. By running on Freedom Marketing sites we can expect a high volume of quality traffic for various financial products. We appreciate their responsive nature and can always trust Freedom Marketing to keep us up-to-speed with all challenges and developments within the finance industry"

Helen Cannell, Client Services Director, OMG (UK leading finance affiliate network)
"Freedom Marketing has been a key partner to OMG since 2005. The quality of customers they deliver through their sites makes them one of the UK's most trusted affiliates in the financial sector. It has meant that we are able to secure increased commissions due to the confidence our clients have in their customers. Freedom Marketing has always been incredibly flexible in their approach and their service levels are second to none."

Gareth Jones, Head of Acquisition and Brand, Capital One
"Freedom Marketing is a key partner for Capital One and is critical in terms of our acquisition volumes and scale aspirations. We like their analytical rigour and willingness to adopt a partnership approach to our Highstreet business - testing new activity, sharing risks and insights and mining the performance data. And they are a bunch of really nice people."

Dominic Charles, Account Manager, MEC (MediaEdge Agency: Lloyds Banking Group)
"Freedom delivers a sense of proactivity which is often missing in the aggregator space. They are responsive and eager to explore routes to maximise their skills and assets to maximise the potential for the client even if it is outside their (Freedom's) core business areas. Freedom will definitely be becoming a bigger part of LBG activity going forward and have the drive to be a true rival in what is currently a fairly monopolised marketplace."